so, here is the thing…

You know how third time is supposed to be the charm? Well – apparently it is not.  I am not entirely sure how it is Wednesday again already, but apparently it is.  Nor am I sure how my glass of ‘inspirational whiskey’ turned into three glasses.  But hey, still wearing pants – and counting that as a win.  So I am going to do what any semi-intelligent, semi-buzzed writer would do; call it a night, head to bed, and beg forgiveness in the morning.  I mean, deadlines are more like suggestions, right?

Tomorrow though, the post will be up! (Portland, OR time tomorrow)

And don’t worry, the post will be worth the wait.  It may or may not involve moments with the pope, a talking toilet in Japan, and the Chinese Mafia (Triad).

As an apology, I will find the most ridiculous picture I can – and attach it to the end of tomorrow’s post. I promise you, that alone is worth seeing, I am very skilled at tragically funny photos.


2 thoughts on “so, here is the thing…

  1. Supal {chevrons and éclairs} says:

    You mean pants like the American pants or British pants? Scratch that… both a win. Looking forward to the post tomorrow and it better happen because I was extra excited to wake up early to read this whilst running on a treadmill at like 5am.

    • jessileerich says:

      Supal – lets just say, the Brits would be proud, and the Americans embarrased. Run again tomorrow, and I will be with you…in spirit, because 5am is ridiculous.

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