about the girl

Why am I blogging?  What makes me different? Honestly, not much. But I’m okay with that.  Because I have so many things I want to say, yet never do.  And even more things I shouldn’t say, but often do.

This is an apology for both.

What I can promise readers:

You’ll probably be offended, at least once.  Sorry, in advance. The problem is I think I’m funny.  Also, while I do have a decent vocabulary, I’m from Idaho.  I love strong four letter words.  And after living in Scotland for a year, I’ve only grown more creative. But don’t worry, I’ll spare you this time.

You may find yourself feeling uncomfortable. It happens to me all the time.  I will be chatting away, the kind of chatting that should probably be kept inside my head, and the room becomes quiet, and I realize I’ve done it again.  But, I taught ‘sex and sexuality’ to middle schoolers, I’m pretty good at plowing through awkward silences.

I’ll tell the truth. For the most part. I can say I will believe it to be true for myself, but feel free to find your own truth.

I am not afraid to answer any question.  So leave your comments or questions below the posts – and start a conversation.  And please know, that while my language may be crass, and my subject matter sensitive, opinions will always be treated with respect.  No matter what we think of the ideas of others, everyone deserves respect.

Except Justin Bieber.


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